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Lieutenant Governor of Georgia releases new book at Johnson High

Lieutenant Governor of Georgia releases new book at Johnson High

The Lieutenant Governor of Georgia debuted his new book to throngs of fans at his alma mater, Johnson High School, on Monday.

The gym was packed with students and faculty who just could not stop cheering for their famous alumnus.

Casey Cagle, who has served as the 11th Lieutenant Governor of Georgia since 2007, wrote the book “Education Unleashed” about his vision for a 21st century education.

“The reason I wrote this book,” said Cagle at an assembly held in his honor. “Is because, ultimately, I want this to show and showcase the various models of change in education that we’ve been able to demonstrate.

“There are principles within this book that, I believe, are at the very core of the revitalization of our state and, ultimately, our nation.”

In his book, Cagle describes how he wants each student to achieve to the best of his or her abilities by empowering teachers, schools and school districts to make their own decisions about how to best educate their students.

“Too often, what we have done is we have created a one size fits all educational system. We haven’t really given the local communities the ability to design the educational system.”

Cagle thanked his former coaches and teachers at Johnson High, many of whom were in attendance, as he told stories while reflecting on his time at the school.

“I did get a little emotional today because, you know, I reflected upon that,” Cagle said. “And so many people that have invested in me to get me to where I am today is a humbling place to be.”

After the hour-long assembly, Cagle made his way over to the school’s media center for a book signing session. Written By: AccessWDUN

Lieutenant Governor of Georgia Casey Cagle signs his new book “Education Unleashed” at a book signing in the media center at Johnson High School on Monday. Photo by: AccessWDUN.

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